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Thread: Creating Oracle8i database from datafiles

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    Creating Oracle8i database from datafiles


    I am looking to create a local copy of an Oracle 8i database from existing datafiles.

    The original database was Oracle 8.1.7 on Solaris and I have installed Oracle 8.1.7 on our local Solaris server. A cold backup of the original database was performed and the datafiles (*.dbf) then copied to the local server.

    How do I use the datafiles to create a local database instance? Being a novice DBA, I am unsure as to whether create a new database and associate the datafiles with it; create a new database using the datafiles; use RMAN etc.

    Advice on the correct approach and how to go about it much appreciated.

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    go back to the orginal database and backup the controlfile to trace.
    then take that file over to your new database, edit it to what you want..database name, file placements, bla bla bla. then crank the database up using that backed up controlfile that you copied over and edited. Too easy :P
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