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Thread: URGENT HELP!!!

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    Hi all,
    I am facing some problem with the performance of the application.Yesterday,there a problem with an index,ie.Maxextent of an index was reached,So i dropped and recreated the index with a different storage clause.Now today we are facing that was application has become slow.Can anyone please let me know step by step process to speed up the application again.

    Vinod Kumar.

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    Have you analyzed the index after re-creating it...? . If not please do a compute statistics for that.

    Hope it will solve your problem.


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    hi aji,

    I have nt Analyzed the index after recreating it,but anyway i will do so using

    Analyze Index <Indx name>Compute statistics;

    Can u tell me what is the next step..of it.I know that this above statment will put some of the statistics in dba_indexes.Can u please tell me how to find out whether the index is ok or not.if it is not ok,then what should i do to solve it.


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    I concur, make sure that you analyze your index again.
    Also, if the column contains data that is highly skewed
    you'll need to create a histogram on the column. If
    the data is skewed and you don't have a histogram then
    Oracle will assume a flat distribution and the chances are
    it may not use the index or use it inappropriately.

    Just in case the syntax is...

    ANALYZE INDEX index_name compute statistics;

    you can also use estimate statistics sample # rows or
    sample # percent. The estimate is much faster and is
    usually sufficient as long as you give it enough data
    to get a good sampling. If you have a pretty uniform
    distribution then you can get away with a lower number.
    If you have a non-uniform distribution, then increase
    the number. If unsure, be safe and do a compute.

    To do a histogram if your column values are highly skewed:

    ANALYZE TABLE table_name compute statistics
    for columns column_names SIZE number of bands.
    Number of bands, from what I can gather is similar to
    number of buckets. The default is 75. If you have,
    say, 8 distinct values in the column then set bands =8.

    ANALYZE TABLE table_name compute statistics
    for columns column_names SIZE 8;

    Joe Ramsey
    Senior Database Administrator
    dbaDirect, Inc.

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