hi! ,

Here are my system config ..

Oracle 8.17 (Database )
Windows 2000 Professional (OS)
P4 1.7 Ghz

I am creating tables and indexes on them ...

Using the info from the tables I am creating a new table with 40
columns. I am updating the columns in the new table with data
uploaded into the tables created previously.

It is taking a very long time to update the records in the new table.
The new table has about 500 thousand records.

Can anybody advise on how to decrease the processing time as much as
possible ..??
What is the oracle procedure of doing updates ?
What are the thing to be aware of while doing updates ?
How do I tune the process ( from DBA side and/or developer side )
to drastically reduce the processing time ?
Any changes to the parameter file ?
etc ..

thanks very much ..
in the least a dialogue also would be appreciated ...