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Thread: Hot backups and data integrity

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    When taking hot backups, it is recommended to back one tablespace at a time. When the backup is over, tablespaces are left with transactions in one table that do not correspond to transactions in another table. Has this ever caused problems for anyone after database recovery?

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    That's what redo/archived logs are for :)

    I've never run into a situation in a production environment where I've had to recover a hot backup, but in small tests there's never been a problem.

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    If I had to recover from a hot backup, would I have to apply all redo/arc logs produced from the start of the backup?

    If so Is oracle clever enough to know that certain transactions already exist on some tables but not on corresponding tables?

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    The absolute best explanation I have found on this topic is at:

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    When you issue the recover - oracle knows exactly what transactions to apply from what redo log files by the SCN's.

    It will prompt you for the relevant files to my knowledge. Haven't done a hot recoverer since my course though :)

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