extents tablespace
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Thread: extents tablespace

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    extents tablespace

    we have a table with 3.4 million records.

    segment_type = table
    header_block = 677217
    bytes= 347422720
    blocks = 42410
    extents = 327
    initial_extent = 221184
    next_extent = 1048576
    min_extents = 1
    max_extents = 420
    pct_increase = 0

    Recently, max_extents was increased to 420 using the following,

    alter table tablename storage (maxextents 420) i.e maxextents was increased when extents > 0.9 * maxextents.

    Could somebody please explain how many times this could be done on this table? Is there a limit? And how does this influence tablespace? Is there anything that needs to be taken care of? Is this correct approach? Any suggestions/explanations will be very useful.

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    Put maxextents to unlimited ... the only advantage of limiting the number of extents is to cause your database to suddenly stop working if 501 extents are required and you've only allowed 500.
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    There is no limit to the number of times you can change the maxexnte storage parameter.

    My suggestion is to increase your next extent size.. mebbe 32m will do.

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