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Thread: Recovery from dbf files

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    Recovery from dbf files

    We have a production database on oracle 8i running on Windows NT in nonarchivelog mode.It 's online redo logs are corrupted .Redo logs are not multiplexed.

    ORA-00314 (LOG 3 THREAD 1 ,EXPECTED SEQUENCE #1091 DOES NOT MATCH 1087)Is showing on startup.
    on applying redo logs BY ISSUING COMMAND -"RECOVER DATABASE UNTIL CANCEL" it also gives same error message.

    ORA-01194 (File System.dbf needs more recovery to be consitent.)is showing on trying to recover by alter database open resetlogs.

    I think my system.dbf is also in inconsistent state.How I can restore.
    Is it possible to take any other database's System.dbf having the same schema and replace and recover.

    I have a logical backup(dmp) which is old enough.


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    Try and issue recover database until cancel using backup controlfile
    and then manually supply the on line redo files

    if that does not work create a new shell db and then import your dump file

    you cannot use another db's system df for recovery
    I'm stmontgo and I approve of this message

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    Online redo logs are corrupted... Only one recovery scenario is possible... Just restore from a full cold back up taken last and open the database.

    *** I havent expoloed hidden init parameters.. there is one I guess.. _skip_redo**** .. dont remember it exactly.. Try googling..

    steve > your online redo logs corrupted means, instance crash and instance will not come up.. so, no concept of import.

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