1. Using RMAN with a recovery catalog.
2. Level 0 taken Saturday, 4/17
3. Level 1 incremental cumulative taken each day
4. archived redo logs either on disk or backed up through RMAN

Database has about 200 tablespaces. A table was dropped in one tablespace (XYZ_DATA) that contains about 20 datafiles around 2G each. Entire database is about 400G. I would like to restore this tablespace and bring it current to just before it was dropped, but not restore the entire database.

If I were doing a scripted backup, I would:
1. restore SYSTEM, RBS, XYZ_DATA on a seperate box
2. re-create control file with only those datafiles
3. recover to a point in time
4. export the table
5. import into my prod database

Has anybody done something like this with RMAN?