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    Documenting backing up of data from oracle to access.

    This may not be the place to ask however i am looking for resources on how i may document data I am backing up from an oracle database to MS Access.

    Basically I have my oracle database and i have an Acess database.

    I have to back up 3 tables from oracle into access.

    I have no idea how i would document this.

    I want to say Columns 1, column 2 from table A in oracle will be backed up to Column 1a and Column 1b in Access.

    Maybe i need to visit a visio forum?

    Has anyone had similar exeperiences

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    That's a new one, backing up Oracle with MS Access. Just when you think you've heard it all....

    Why not just back Oracle->Column1 to Access->Column1?
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    I dont know if this may help, my 2c
    Open the table in access as a link and then save it as a mdb file.


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    I probably as usual did not exaplin myself well.

    The reason the oracle data is being backed up to oracle is because there is a backup piece of software for the frontline software that uses the oracle db.

    This simplistic backup piece of software uses access.

    So when our frontline app goes down we then use the simplistic version which sits on top of access. (Its legacy software)

    I am only grabbing a few columns from oracle and i will probably get it dumped to a csv file and then load it into access.

    My aim is however to come up with a document that shows what bits of data from my oracle db will be backed up to access tables so that its obvious to the average jow blow exactly whats going where. I am looking for an example or a standard.

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