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    Angry Trying to start the Forms server in Oracle DS 10g


    I have installed Oracle DS10g on my Windows2000 sp3 pc, and when I try to run the test form, after starting the OC4J server:

    04/04/21 13:18:13 Oracle Application Server Containers
    for J2EE 10g ( initialized
    04/04/21 13:18:45 FormsServlet init():
    configFileName: c:\ODS10g/forms90/server/formsweb.cfg
    testMode: false

    I get a gray rectangle with the message:
    java.lang.classNotFoundException: oracle.forms.engine.Main

    What am I missing here ?
    There are a number of .jar archives in C:\ODS10g\forms90\java, and this directory IS in the classpath (I added it manually).

    I noticed that the web page attempts to load the following URL:


    However, I do not have a f90servlet.jar or any f90servlet.* in the forms90 directory (that is, C:\ODS10g\forms90)

    Shouldn't I have had this installed by the full ODS10g install (which completed with no errors) ?

    Any ideas ?
    Thanks !

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    There is a good article on how to install by Steven Callan


    and he's probably the only one who could answer your question if it still doesnt work.


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    Thanks for the plug, but it was for UNIX. I answered this question in the MetaLink Forms forum. Haven't done any cookbooks for Windows because the products almost always install without a hitch and are usually pretty straightforward. For a Java-related error, check the classpath created in the default.env file (as a start).

    The c:\ODS10g/forms90/server/formsweb.cfg makes me wonder because of the switcheroo in "\" to "/" in the path. And most of those parameters you pass in don't have to be - they're all configurable in the formsweb.cfg file.
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