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Thread: metalink

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    can any of the guys who have usd METALINK tell me the importance of it and why you have to use it.In what circumstances does a DBA has to use it.
    I am still learning and I have been hearing of METALINK lately so I'm wondering what it is?

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    Metalink is Oracle's web based support site...
    Providing you have an active support contract with Oracle, you should be able to use your SAC to register at support.oracle.com (SAC = support Access code - used to raise Telephone support with Oracle)

    I use Metalink all the time....

    Whenever I'm doing something new it contains notes, froum questions etc. for me to get more of an idea of how things work and ways to implement them..

    whenever I hit an error, I search metalink for it to find out workarounds, bugs.

    Use it to raise Oracle support requests

    download Software patches

    Read alerts

    I'm trying to think more of a situation when I wouldn't use it!

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    I use metalink all the time. Metalink is always my first line of support when dealing with a problem. The amount of information on it is tremendous. It also allows you to create TAR's online. I like this feature because if I have an ORA-600 message I can assemble all my files, create a TAR, and then send everything at once.

    Metalink is definitely one of the best sites for Oracle Support.

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