Hi guys,

I'm using OEM v. on (W2K) and a long time ago I configured some events. Everything worked great: I got emails when something went sour. Recently the email-system stopped sending mails. The servicedesk said that they didn't alter/update the Microsoft Exchange-thingy, so, according to them, "it must be Oracle..."

The selftest email didn't work anymore. My OMS.NOHUP gave some pointers and Metalink said it was bug 1180760. So I downloaded the patch "p1180760_220_winnt.zip" and I want to install it.

The file contains a class file: "VdmSMTPSession.class" I have to overwrite the current version. But I don't have any experience with Java... so...

Question: Is it okay to just overwrite the original class-file? (I want to test this patch and if this doesn't work either, I want to copy the original file back into place.)

Your help is very appreciated!