Hi Gurus,

I have two issues:

1. On windows NT with Oracle version 8.1.5, 8.05, and 7.3.4, does anyone know whether Oracle can generate 32 or 64 binary primary key? The situation is that the client has a lot of sites and want to identify the uniqueness by generating a 32 bit primary key where the first 12 characters represents the particular site and then the rest of the field is the part for the primary key that is used on the file. In some files, the 13 thru 32 bits can represent a foreign. I just cannot find out whether Oracle generates 32 and/or 64 bits key? Also, does anyone know if there is an impact from using 32 bits and then going to 64 binary? If One of the Oracle versions that I have mentioned does not support binary, does one/all of the versions support hexadecimal and/or octal? If any of the scenarious hold true.. how are binary/octal/hexadecimal key be generated?

2. Can an exported file from Oracle 8i ( 8.1.5) be imported to 7.3.4 and/or 8.0.5.

I realize this is a mouthful, but please advise if you can.