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I logged a TAR with Oracle about this. Here is the excerpt from the horse's mouth. I guess the new tablespace is not recoverable in the scenario I was trying to simulate.

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Explained that unfortunately, we cannot restore something that was not backed up. So even though there are archivelogs, we do not have a datafile to restore. As we need a baseline from which to restore, if it was never backed up, we do not have that baseline."

I don't mean to mix issues here..but what beats me is how does Data guard (physical standby) then create a a new tablespace on the standby when you create one on the primary? Obviously the standby is intelligent enough to extract DDL from the archive logs (if you use a ARCH log transport) and create the tablespace on the standby..so why is RMAN not able to do the same! Am I missing something obvious?

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that depends, if you have standby_management set to auto then yeah it will create the ts's and df's on the fly 4 u