I am trying to install 9ias (9.0.2) on Redhat Advanced server. The link phase of the installation at 64% will fail with :

"Error in invoking target install of make file /u01/oracle/infra/sqlplus/lib/ins_sqlplus.mk"

There are solution given on the internet to do the following:

set ORACLE_HOME with:
export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/oracle/infra

Then open "$ORACLE_HOME/bin/genclntsh" in an editor and find the line:

Replace it with

Make sure that ORACLE_HOME is set correctly then re-run this script as oracle, "$ORACLE_HOME/bin/genclntsh".

I have done all of the above and click on RETRY from the installer again. However, it is still failing at the same error. I have the required binutils for the installation as shown below.

rpm -qa | grep binutils

So what else could be the problem? How can i solve this error? Please help urgently... thanks!