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    Nov 2000
    Are you using a directory alias?
    for example, directory /u01/d001/disk/oracle/ has an alias '/h' , so /u01/d001/disk/oracle/ = /h/oracle/ .
    If you are using a directory alias , even though both are pointing to the same directory, Oracle could understand differently, so use one in env and init.ora.
    I hope that this will be helpful.

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    Nov 2000
    Are you sure other OS users have their ORACLE_SID environment variable setted?

    This should be the problem if with
    $sqlplus system/manager@orcl
    works fine for everyone

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    Sep 2000

    oradbadmin, ORACLE_SID is set in the env. On top of it, I am again setting ORACLE_SID before running the sqlplus command.

    chobo, there are NO aliasas for the directories.

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    Finally, i was able to locate the problem.

    $ chmod 7555 $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle

    I was missing 7555 to the oracle executable in the bin direcotry.

    Now, I have figured out a fastest way to migrate the entire ORACLE folder
    and start it up on a different machine thus, avoiding to use Intsaller and create
    database etc.... Of course, it would work as long as the OS is identical.

    Thanks everyone for all your help.

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    Thanks SYSDBA

    sysdba, I think you are correct.

    When you have told me to do:

    $ chmod 7555 $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle, instead I did:

    $ chmod 7555 $ORACLE_HOME/bin. I didn't read your response carefully :-)

    I have realised now. Thanks for your help again.

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    Gald you got your problem solved!

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