sql loader invocation
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Thread: sql loader invocation

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    Hi guys
    I am getting the followin error while invoking the sql loader from c prompt.(c:>sqlldr)
    " The name specified is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".
    The same command used to work fine a few days back. What is the problem, can some one help me?

    And while using the Load option from Enterprise manager I am getting the following error:

    Record 1: Rejected - Error on table CRDB.TOLL_FREE_NUMBER, column CORPORATION_ID.
    ORA-01722: invalid number

    The records areCORPORATION_ID Number and TOLL_FREE_NUMBER varchar2(10), both stored in an .xls file. Earlier Igot the error as the record are too many(more than 65536) and i reduced the rows size for this. Any other way to go around it?

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    It sounds like your PATH setting may have changed. Have you verified that the file still exists?

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    thanks, carp
    somehow the sqlldr file seems to have missed while i loaded the oracle client a few days back. guess i need to reinstall it again. Anyway, what may be the solution using Load from enterprise (Data)manager?

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