I've tried to install Oracle on my Linux machine (Mandrake 9.2).

I've made pre-installation step by step based on installation guide.

Then I have run ./runInstaller. Everything is ok, but by component checking throws an exception >>
Error: You do not have sufficient privileges to write to the specified path in component Database Configuration Assistant Installation cannot continue for this component.

When I ignore it, the installation continue and after finishes I can run everything except dbca, i can create database manually through sqlplus but I would like to create it through DBCA.

I dont know which "specified path" it is in error message, because error file is empty and in the log file for installer there isnt anything about failed component or anything. I tried give go+rwx for some folders (oracle_home, /home/oracle) but it didn't help.

I dont know what should be wrong... ??

Does anybody have any idea what should I do ???

Thank you very much !!!