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Thread: Need help for query

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    Need help for query

    I need to get the supplier name and their supplier contact if they have the duplicate email address.
    The following are the three tables: supplier, username and contact

    -------- --------- -------------
    supplier_id username_id contact_id
    name supplier_id first_name
    contact_contact_id last_name

    I have the following query to get the duplicate supplier_id and email address but how can I modify the query to include the contact.first_name and contact.last_name.

    select s.supplier_id , from supplier s, username u, contact c
    where s.supplier_id = u.supplier_id and
    u.contact_contact_id = c.contact_id
    group by s.supplier_id,
    having count(*) >1

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    select supplier_id
    from username
    ,(select distinct contact_id, first_name, last_name
    from contact
    where contact_id in (select distinct contact_id
    from contact
    group by email
    having count(*) > 1)) t1
    where t1.contact_id=username.contact_id;

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