hi friends,

I am having a problem regarding the export of comma delimited flat files to Oracle database by using the SQL*Loader.Please give me your suggestions/solutions regarding this.

My Table name :Temp
Table Structure:
Name Char
Address Char
State Char
City Char
Zip Char
Country Char
Phone Number

My data in the flat file is (Row wise)
"King","Park Street","CA","California",234444,"US",4234244
"James",Lincoln Street","SA",4535355
"Ronald",Church Avenue","AUS",534533555

Now how I need to export these data into Oracle.In the above 3 records some of the data is missing for some columns and also there is no comma delimited for those columns.Assume that I am having one million records to export into Oracle in n number of files.How can I do this?
If you can give the script or explain me the method it will be more useful for me.

Thanks in Advance