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    puzzle with installation Oracle Apps 11i on Win2k

    I am trying to Install Oracle APPS Ver 11.5.9 on Windows 2000 advance server.

    I have done as the following:

    1.Applied Service pack 4
    2 Installed VC++ Ver 6(applied service pack 5)
    3.Installed JDK( Ver1.3.1)
    4.Installed MKS tool kit
    5.Installed GNUmake 3.79
    6.Created a domain(AD)

    ** when oracle was checking installation configuration, every item is successfully, but there is a '!' mark on GNU.
    However when I check link of GNU and "which GNUmake" over command line, there is no any problem with it.

    It is easy to pass the first two steps(2/5), which include (Start CD, RDBMS1-4), but when I applied the third step(3/5),

    which include (Database CD), I met the problems. I can not pass through this step. I am always asked for reinstall Start CD

    and database cd. it seems like a deadlock.

    If anybody has any idea how to resolve this issue then please let me know.

    Any Help is appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: puzzle with installation Oracle Apps 11i on Win2k

    Perform the following steps for gnumake

    Important Note:
    Do not install any of these tools under the Oracle APPL_TOP.
    Do not install the tools in directories that have spaces in the name, such as the 'Program Files' directory.

    1. Install Microsoft Visual C++ Standard Edition version 6.0 + Service Pack 3 or higher. For additional information on completing this step, reference support.microsoft.com.

    2. Install MKS Toolkit version 6.1a or higher. Use any of the Developer Series (for Developers, for Professional Developers, or for Enterprise Developers). For additional information on completing this step, reference www.mks.com.

    3. Create a directory called GNUMAKE under the root directory(C:\).

    4. Download gzip-1.2.4-i386.exe or later from ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gzip and save in C:\GNUMAKE.

    5. Download tar-1.11.2a.exe or later from ftp.gnu.org/gnu/tar and save in C:\GNUMAKE.

    6. Rename gzip-1.2.4-i386.exe to gunzip.exe.

    7. Rename tar-1.11.2a.exe to tar.exe.

    8. Download gnu make (shareware) version 3.77(make-3.77.tar.gz) or higher from the gnu ftp site at ftp.gnu.org/gnu/make and save in C:\GNUMAKE. (Note: Do NOT use version 3.79.0).

    9. Unpack this file using gunzip.exe from a Command Prompt Window as follows:

    C:\GNUMAKE>gunzip make-3.77.tar.gz

    This will expand file make-3.77.tar.gz and the extension .gz will be removed.

    10. On the same Command Prompt Window, untar the file using the following:

    C:\GNUMAKE>tar -xvf make-3.77.tar

    This will create a new subdirectory called MAKE-3.77 under C:\GNUMAKE.

    11. Change directories to C:\GNUMAKE\MAKE-3.77.

    12. Read the readme.w32 file.

    13. Run build_w32.bat to generate GNUMAKE.EXE.

    And then start the installation ...............

    Rohit S Nirkhe,Oracle/Apps DBA
    OCP 8i,9i
    Thanks and Regards
    Rohit S Nirkhe

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