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    interview questions


    i just went through an 9i DBA interview.... i could not figure out the following questions....though i have mearker my answers in (*), i would think they are wrong....!!! thanks..

    a)When adding a new master site in an Advanced Replication
    environment without quiescing replication activity, you can
    instantiate the database at the new master site
    by using one of two methods.

    Which two methods can be used to perform this step? (Choose two.)
    A. Perform change-based recovery on the new master site.***
    B. Perform a cancel-based recovery on the new master site
    C. Perform a time-based recovery on the new master site.
    D. Transport the relevant tablespace set from the master definition
    site to the new master site.
    E. Perform an export using the FLASHBACK_SCN option on the master
    definition site and then import the dump file to the new master

    b)User defined events in Oracle Enterprise Manager return status,
    and possibly values, to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Event
    Monitor. What are user defined events?
    A. Database based scripts (PL/SQL, Java) run by the Agent
    B. Database Event Triggers, which issue Alerts to the Agent
    C. Scripts run by the Agent in any language on the host server***
    D. User written PL/SQL programs in the database, which the OEM
    console can execute and display the results

    c)What is the meaning of using "character semantics" to create a
    A. You use only use CHAR data types.
    B. All columns are a single character wide.
    C. You use single letter names of all columns.
    D. You specify the width of a column in characters, not in bytes.
    E. You use only character type data types (CHAR, NCHAR, VARCHAR2,

    Answer: D or E ????

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    I have no idea about question 1 and 2.
    The answer for the last question should be D, I think.

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    oh! my god these 3 questions appeared on 9i exam.

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