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    As a junior DBA, I have not done any migration and upgrading.
    I am planing on upgrading Oracle server to 8.1.5/6
    First, Is there anybody who can explain the difference of migration and upgrading. The term seems different depending on the book and the Oracle product version.

    Second, I am reading articles in Meta Link.
    Is there any other source other than Meta Link?


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    Migration is the process of transforming an installed version of an Oracle database into a later version and Upgrading is the process of transforming an Oracle database from an installed release into a later release of the same version.

    There are number of good links for Oracle in this site itself.

    Hope this helps

    -Anand Devaraj

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    Thank you for your help.

    (just want to make sure)
    Going to Oracle 8.1.5 from 8.0.6 is a migration and from 8.1.5 to 8.1.6 is upgrade. Is that right?

    How do you usually prepare for this process?
    I guess that if I use Oracle Migration Utility, It could be a very simple process, but I red about lots of problems in Meta Link after migration or upgrading database. I am a little bit nervous.

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    I think you're correct in your upgrade/migration example. I'm going to use the term upgrade just because it makes more sense to me, but I probablly mean migration.

    Performing a pure database upgrade (8.0.6->8.1.5) isn't too difficult a process. I just upgraded mine from 8.0.5->8.1.6, I chose export/import for reasons I'll tell you in a minute.

    There is a lot of documentation on metalink, or in the oracle server documents on technet that you can read through and familarize yourself with.

    I've heard upgrading with the migration assistent is very painless and works rather well. Unfortunatly I didn't get a chance to try it because I can't sit at the actual machine, don't have root access, etc. I could have done it with the sysadmins but they are very slow and unresponsive, so I figured I'd just let them do the software themselves and do all the DBA work remotely, with export/import.

    I didn't run into any major problems, just follow the documentation you read. If you choose that method and want more detailed information, ask away.

    Now as I mentioned just doing the database upgrade is pretty easy, but if you have other oracle products running on that database (Oracle Applications, Workflow, etc), there might be a lot of other steps to go through as I'm finding out.

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