Hi All,
I get this error in some of my Oracle client machines.

The error is,
Error: "SQLSTATE: NA000
Native error code: 0
Driver Message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver for Oracle][Oracle]

I would like explain the problem little more...
1. We have installed Oracle 8i Server in a machine with Windows 2000 OS.
2. Then we have installed Oracle 8i Client In 5 client machines with 2000 OS in 4 machines and XP OS in one Machine.(All Oracle clients are of same version)
3. Then, using our application we have connected to our database in Oracle server. But, We are able to establish connection and work in our application only in two machines(OS - 2000, XP). Other Three machines does not connect to the database and throws the above mentioned error.(Note we are using Microsoft ODBC for Oracle-MSORCL32.dll)
4. We do not have any problem in all the five machines in connecting to our database from client using SQL Plus. The problem occurs only when connecting through Microsoft ODBC Driver For Oracle.

I Feel that this is the problem with the connectivity between Microsoft ODBC dll and SQL Plus and inturn to Oracle Server.

Please help us in this regard.

Regards and Thanks,