Enable Tracing For A Particular Program
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Thread: Enable Tracing For A Particular Program

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    Originally posted by Chuck
    Only comments from serious people.
    Ok, so you want us to be serious. So you first tell us how this piece of your code could be compiled:
    if (v_program = 'EXCEL.EXE') then
    -- blah blah
    END IF; 
    ?????? What's that else part there for? Shouldn't be inside IF_ENDIF part? So much about your seriousnes...

    And then moving on... You have a select statement with a predicate "... program='EXCEL.EXE'". So what do you think which values will ever be in your variable v_program? Will it ever contain anything else than 'EXCEL.EXE'? No, it won't. So why on earth is there IF statement that check for a condition "if (v_program = 'EXCEL.EXE') then... "??? It will allways be true!

    And then most crutial thing in your trigger. You perform SELECT INTO statement without handling NO_DATA_FOUND exception! You are lucky your trigger didn't get compiled at all, because if it were, noone will be able to connect to your database if his/here program weren't called 'EXCEL.EXE'!

    If you realy created the trigger with the code you presented here, then it's obvious that it is in INVALID state and is not firing at all. So it's not the trigger that is causing tracing of all session, it must be your system settings that are doing it.

    So I think its time for you to get serious...
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