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    Hi all

    I am a great fan of dbasupport site and keep checking everyone's views continously. I am attempting second exam next week.

    I am reading from JCouchmans book, STS and hands on practice. Also I have taken eClasses from OLN of Oracle, I found this much interesting as it is more of visual.

    Reading everyone else views I see that I am on right track and am confident will clear test.

    Am I too much *****ious when I say that I have planned to complete all the exams by end of Dec this year? Is this possible if put in lots of hours, as my office is very supportive to me.

    Thanks everyone !!!

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    Nov 2000

    Wow, that's pretty agressive.

    It really depends on your experience. If you've worked enough with oracle, you might be able to take a test a week until you are done.

    When I got certified (2 yrs ago) , I had about 3 years experience on Oracle. I scheduled my exams about a month apart and studied REAL hard between them. There is so much stuff on the exams that you might not use everyday. Som exams are really hard and you need those extra hints to get you above the passing grade...

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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Lightbulb Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

    Hi nnemani,
    Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, bcoz IMPOSSIBLE means

    I did it without experience within three months!
    I also used Jason's book as well as Exam Cram
    and STS.
    How much did you spent on eClasses ?
    and what materials did you got from them?
    Now a days, I'm preparing for 2nd paper of
    OCP Application Developer.

    Best Luck !

    Vimal Patel
    OCP DBA 7.3, 8, 8i, 9i
    Sun Solaris 8 Sys. Admin.

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    I have 2 years dev/dba exprience with Oracle 8, but as maris89 said it is true there is so much stuff which we dont use in real life for which I need to spend time. I am confident I can complete them.

    VimalP, about eClasses, it is free rght now as a trial offer on Oracle Learning Network. Go to the site of [url]http://www.oracle.com/education/oln[/url] and register for a web account then you can use this login at [url]http://ilearning.oracle.com[/url] to take eclasses. I am not sure if they are offering for developer, you can check it out.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement !!!


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