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Thread: Need help with syntax

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    Need help with syntax

    I am trying to write a piece of pl/sql code and I can't figure out the syntax.

    Inside a table, I have a column called "attribute_name"
    The data for attribute_name looks like this:
    (the only difference is the # part)

    What I am trying to do is loop though a routine and append the number on to the end of the field criteria.

    For example. I want to append the current value of the loop onto the end of the "Product_id_" field so I can get the value from colA.

    Select colA
    from tableA
    where attribute_name = 'Product_id_'

    I am at a loss on how to append the value of the loop counter on to the end of the field.

    Any suggestions?


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    use || (double pipe)


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