Dear Users,

I have created directories using sqlplus in database using create directory command for different users ,and in those directories I have files to be transferred into blob datatype field into a table for that user thru a program.

My problem

I have thin clients interacting with the database userwise, they create a file thru forms which is installed in another system ,and save in their user area ,and when they want to transfer the file into the blob datafield , the link which I created using the create directory in the database is different, since the file is saved in the system where the application is...

And becoz the file is not found in the link created in the database machine,file transfer into the field is failed....

for eg :

folder where database is installed :

home/das ---(1)

if the file is there is this folder link ,the transfer is successfull

and the application is running in a different system

where the folder path is the same
/home/das ---(2)

The file generated is in (2)

How can I make the application saves file in the system where the database is present...

Waiting for ur response..