Urgent --datafile error
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Thread: Urgent --datafile error

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    Today, I change the privilege of all datafile using NT security. After doing it, most datafile is available to be accessed by client.But this action affects two datafile to offline and when I alter them online,the error occurs. Then I do follow:
    1. shutdown DB
    2. startup it with mount option
    3. recover database using backup controlfile
    I specify the last log file to DB.
    4. alter database open resetlogs;
    But when I do step 4,the error occur again,the error code is:

    Please tell me what can I do?Thanks in advance.

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    The user who start the service is who has to have all privileges.
    You can see this user editing the service if there is no one, the user is SYSTEM, this is a NT user who acts as the "system".
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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