Hi guys,

I'm experiencing ORA-00600's in my production database. I read on Metalink that you can only register a TAR when you can reproduce the ORA-00600. The problem is: the customer tried to reproduce the error several times, but the ORA-00600 didn't occur.

The application is a Forms 6.0 application on a Oracle database (due to be patched to soon)

The error noted in the alert.log: ORA-00600: Interne foutcode, argumenten: [12333], [253], [1], [253], [], [], [], [].

I tried to use the "ORA-00600 Lookup"-page. I discovered that it is probably a "Fatal Two-Task Protocol Violation".

My questions:
1. I want to reproduce the error. Is tracing the only method? What level of tracing must I consider?
2. Should I try to register a TAR, eventhough I can't reproduce this event? We pay enough for the license and IMHO we deserve some support...

Thanks in advance,