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    Shrink down tablespace size by exp/imp

    I never quite understand this:

    The previous DBA created DBs with export/import. However, when he did export from DB#1, he specified compress=y and import it into DB#2. Thus in the subsequent exports from DB#2, they all have big initial extents. I notice even if I export only schema from DB#2 with compress=n and import into other DBs, the result is still big tablespace, just like the source DB DB#2 (even though there is no data in it).

    How do people actually reoganize the tablespace and shrink down the size if the tablespace doesn't really have much data in it?


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    use "alter table my_table move pctfree 0" (or whatever for pctfree), followed by "alter index my_table_idx1 rebuild pctfree 10" for each index.

    exp/imp sucks, and "compress=y" is purest evil
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    I have 400+ tables. Does that mean I have to "move" 400+ tables? Is there antyhing that can achieve the same thing at tablespace level?


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    use the following scripts to generate the required move script:

    select 'alter table '||table_name||' move tablespace newtbs;'
    from dba_tables where tablespace_name='OLDTBS';

    select 'alter index '||index_name||' rebuild tablespace newtbs;'
    from dba_indexes where tablespace_name='OLDTBS';

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