One of our client at Germany used character set WE8ISO8859P15. Evrything is ok but he is not able to save the euro symbol in the database.

I have read some where that the character set WE8ISO8859P15 does not support euro symbol, because euro symbol has value 164.

The platform is Linux 8 with Oracle 8i.

There is a sql function 'Convert' which can convert microsoft charcter set 'WE8MSWIN1252' to euro complitble.

My questions are

1. Which Character set supports Euro symbol. ?
2. Is there any function which can make euro symbol comptible with
WE8ISO8859P15 character set.
3. Is there any other method to change charcterset without
recreating the database.
4. There is a utility 'CSSCAN' which can tell in which user.table
unsupported charcters exsit. Is there any other tool
like 'CSSCAN' for characterset.


Vishal Sood