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Thread: Oracle Enterprise Manager Console

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    Oracle Enterprise Manager Console

    Hi Guys,

    I am having a problem logging in to a remote database via the Enterprise Manager Console. I can telnet, sqlplus into any of the remote databases from my PC but when I try to login via the Enterprise Manager Console it just hangs there. It does not give me an error or anything. It was working fine till yesterday.
    Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this or see what is the issue with the console? Coul something have corrupted the application dll or anything, if so how could I check.
    Your imput would be highly appreciated.


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    Are you going via a middle-tier management server or running OEM stand-alone? Is there a firewall between where you are running the console and the OMS or between the OMS and the server? What version of OEM are you running ?

    Im guessing that you can launch the console but cannot then connect to a database in the list? If yu select the database, are the details in the right pane correct?


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    I am connecting to the console as "Standalone". When I go thru a Management server it works fine.
    WHen I try to login to a database via the OEM console in standalone mode, it just hangs at that point. I can connect to those databases using SQLPlus or even tnsping to the database servers from the machine that I have the OEM Console installed on.
    I have been looking for documents to troubleshoot but haven't had much luck.


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