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    Oracle on Solaris/Redhat Linux/Windows

    For those who have experiences with Oracle on various platforms, could you comment on which of the following is relatively reliable in general:

    - Oracle 9i on Solaris 8
    - Oracle 9i on Redhat Linux 9
    - Oracle 9i on Windows 2000

    I am curious about this because I currently have DBs running on Solaris 8 and Windows 2000. For the presumably identical DBs on both platforms, I find the Oracle on Solaris rarely has problems while Oracle on Windows 2000 has some problems here and there. And we are thinking about moving to Redhat Linux 9 and I wonder whether it's as stable as running on Solari 8?

    Note that I am simply referring to Oracle itself, I personally have no preference/bias for various platforms.

    Any comments are appreciated.

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    are you talking production or development??? Linux 9 is not certified to run Oracle but it doesn't mean that it won't run

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    May be the following Link is useful for you as far as Oracle on Linux vs Window is concerned.


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    Those wouldn't be my first choices.

    We've had best success with Linux
    RedHat 3.0 AS is solid for 10g (which we've fallen in love with)
    RedHat 2.1 AS is solid for legacy db versions

    SuSE 7 or 8 works very well, but occasionally support will give us a hard time about SuSE 8 (specifically with Enterprise Manager)
    Our sys-admin's like SuSE's logical volume manager over RedHat.

    HP/UX and Solaris are solid, however we got boxed in with their expensive proprietary hardware.

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    Re: Oracle on Solaris/Redhat Linux/Windows

    hello there,

    for 9i @ Linux pls refer to puschitz.com who is an excellent expert on this...
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