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    Add Check Constraint Error

    Hi all,
    I had encounter below error when I trying to add check constraint in my existing table. Any ideal to get rid of the error?
    thanz in advance.
    SQL> l
    1 alter table table1 add contraint
    2* chk_1 check (col1 in ('Y','N'))
    SQL> /
    chk_ 1 check (col1 in ('Y','N'))
    ERROR at line 2:
    ORA-02438: Column check constraint cannot reference other columns

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    Re: Add Check Constraint Error

    Originally posted by samc
    Column check constraint cannot reference other columns
    Yes, that is the answer.
    Sanjay G.
    Oracle Certified Professional 8i, 9i.

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    May be the column not part of the table or column name typed wrong.

    SQL> create table kk ( no number(5));

    Table created.

    SQL> alter table kk add constraint xcv check (no in(1,2));

    Table altered.

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    Are you sure you really want check constraints? Personally I hate the damn things. Every time our developers add a new possible value to the code they then forget theres a check constrain and it sll stops working. Data-driven validation every time!

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    SQL> create table sjk (name varchar2(5));

    Table created.

    SQL> alter table sjk add constraint cs check (name in ('Y','N'));

    Table altered.


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