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Thread: Mapping UI Screen Fields to the Database Columns through Designer 9i

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    Mapping UI Screen Fields to the Database Columns through Designer 9i


    Can anyone help me how to map User Interface Screen fields to Database Columns through Designer.

    Given below is my requirement.

    ) I have an front end UI application with different screens.Say 'Application' screen, 'Server' screen etc.

    2) 'Application' Screen will have fields like
    - Name
    - Developer
    - Note etc

    Each of the above fields in the screen maps to a field in the database.

    3) How do i map UI screen fields to DB columns using Designer.

    Note: I am not using Forms.

    Kindly help me how to proceed further for the above using Designer.Currently we are using Excel Spreadsheet to map UI fields to DB columns.

    We want to eliminate the usage of Spreadsheet.


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    Mapping the UI screen's field to your DB columns using Designer ? No idea about it.

    But I think what you want to do is "Reverse Engineering". Designer can reverse engineer your application - read your DB and generate server model or even ER diagram.

    Not sure how much this will help you, but mapping the UI screen fields with your DB colums will need something like programming specs or techincal specs.

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