Thanks Tarry.

You are, yet, another person who has basically said that companies want "jack of all, master of none" help. I do agree with Pushkin3000, that one should become expert at one, then move on, but if companies are pushing in the other direction then what can be done about it.

I have been eyeing Linux for a year now, so I will likely go and buy a copy and study it.

I think I will move on to SQL Server, the others you mentioned seem to be out of fashion at the moment around here.

Web Developement:
I have tried to learn ASP on my own, and don't think it will difficult for me to pickup, but I can't seem to get the required software to work, though I know it resides with the OS software(98 and 2000 Pro).

I believe I can see where it will be Java, .net and C++, industry wide, so I will pick one of those to start with, and likely .net.

Thanks again Tarry.