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    trace Epoch Time and convert

    The developers here pass in dates through JDBC using Epoch Time (time in millisecs after 1970). I am trying to debug/tune a page that passes in a date using Epoch Time.

    Unfortunately, when I trace this stuff, the bind variable for the date looks like this:
    PHP Code:
     bind 3dty=180 mxl=11(11mal=00 scl=00 pre=00 oacflg=01 oacfl2=0 size=16 offset=0
    =ffffffff7ca11de8 bln=11 avl=11 flg=05
    Dump of memory from 0xFFFFFFFF7CA11DE8 to 0xFFFFFFFF7CA11DF3
    FFFFFFFF7CA11DE0                   78680205 0F2A1B05          

    FFFFFFFF7CA11DF0 2F83C070                             [/..p
    So, how do I figure out what ACTUAL date the application is passing in?
    Naturally I don't want to just take the developers word for it. I want to prove it.

    Is the '78680205' above the Epoch time?
    If not, how can I figure out what date is being passed in?
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    What level of tracing are you using?

    The entry for 'value=' should show the value.
    From the trace shown, it doesn't look like anything has been assigned to the bind variable (yet). Look further down the trace file, towards the bottom. You may see the value there.

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