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    Question oracle scripts

    how scrippts are created and called through rman and sqlplus

    when they are saved as text file then which folder (default )they should b saved to b callled directly
    what does following command does and how(syntax)

    create script
    execute script
    delete script

    these are rman commands but how and where to use them
    i want to know syntax and procedure to use them and how path plays a role in calling a script not stored in oracle folder

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    Talking callled scrippts

    This is how your request sounds (reads):

    scrippts and are created through rman called how and sqlplus.

    saved does command file directly when are folder b following saved and what they (default) does they to b (syntax) then callled which how text should as.

    script delete
    script execute
    script create

    rman these are but and to use how where commands them
    know how in stored them a calling path and i to and role not script in want syntax a plays oracle to use procedure folder
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