Hello guys,

I was Reading The Fantastic Manual, when I tripped over the HTTP Server documentation of Apache. The documentation can be found on the Apache's site and the Oracle site.

I got kind of worried when I read the last two lines of the introduction:
Note that this is tailored towards Apache 1.3 on Unix. Some of it applies to Apache on NT. Apache on NT has not been tuned for performance yet; in fact it probably performs very poorly because NT performance requires a different programming model.
We use Oracle 8.1.7.x.x with Forms6 and the 8i IAS on MS Windows 2000 Server.

We didn't change the configuration files for performance tuning purposes. Does anyone have experience in this field? (I really don't)

Does anyone use a different HTTP server for a forms-application?

I'm looking for the well-known setting "SET APPLICATION_SPEED=TURBO"...

Any advice is welcome (internet doesn't give too many tips...)