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Thread: Can a stored procedure return a recordset?

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    In MSSQL a stored procedure can return a recordset, which can then be used by a program such as Crystal Reports. Can Oracle stored procedures return recordsets? If so, how is this accomplished. Is it version dependent?

    Keith McConchie

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    It depends...

    By basic design - No.

    However, if the tool that you are using to access the Oracle database uses ADO, then - Yes.

    There are 2 ways to return a recordset from Oracle, through ADO, to your application.

    Here is a link for one method:

    Although the next example uses ASP on the client end, the Oracle side is what you're interested in.


    Basically, you can either return a set of table parameters (the first method) that ADO will translate into a recordset for you (slow) or you can return a ref cursor which ADO can also convert to a recordset for you (faster).

    Hope this helps

    - Chris

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