spool file test.txt
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Thread: spool file test.txt

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    spool file test.txt

    I have to extract the data and create a spool file, the data length is not fixed. What is the best approach of using SET commands if the record length is not fixed. Please help.

    Set newpage 0
    Set pagesize 0
    Set feedback off
    Set verify off
    Set echo off
    Set tab off
    Set heading off
    Set recsep off
    set termout on

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    If you are not able to speficy format by set commands for whatever reason, I would use builtin functions and concatenate operator to produce a comma delimited file usable in windows xcel and for sqlldr like this:

    spool file.txt
    select substr(col1,1,100)||','||rpad(col2,20,' ')||','||ltrim(col3)||','||col4 from table where ...
    spool off
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