Well, i have been out for too long now.

Just attended a 10G session recently conducted by Oracle and found some intresting features of 10G which i would like to share with all you. Don't have the documents yet in hand so trying to recollect whatever was i can remember.

o Improved RMAN Backups.

No longer do we need to maintain those archive logs and incremental backups in 10G.

Take a initial complete backup, then take incremental backups. Intresting part is that the incremental backups can be applied to the first complete backup (the RMAN backup dump), so that the last complete backup is just a day behind or few hours behind.

o FlashBack Database.

Like the flashback query we can flash back the database it self. Flash back database 2 hours back and kaaboom you have the database as it was 2 Hrs back.

o Data Management.

Just have to provide a disk volume to create a tablespace and Oracle will intenally strip and mirror the data across the disks. Its something like :

Data is stripped and mirrored across disks. 


Same copy of data is spread across disks to avoid disk contentions. 
A copy of data a is available as a1, a2, a3 on Disk1, Disk2 and Disk3. 
            --------  -------- --------
            |a1    |  |  a2  | |    a3|
            |  b2  |  |    b3| |b1    |
            |    c3|  |c1    | |  c2  |
            --------  -------- --------
             Disk1      Disk2   Disk3


In case Disk1 goes down the data is available on Disk2 and Disk3.
            --------  -------- --------
            |a1    |  |  a2  | |    a3|
            |  b2  |  |    b3| |b1    |
            |    c3|  |c1    | |  c2  |
            --------  -------- --------
              \  /       /\       /\
               \/        ||       || 
               /\        ||       ||
              /  \       ||       ||
             Disk1     Disk2    Disk3
No need to create a seperate repository for OEM. It will be there in the same database.

Other intresting features are related to performance, where a internal repository will be maintained to monitor the database all the time. Well ORCALE Development team says that maintaining this repository would cause 5% overhead to the database. So Not sure about this.

There are others as well which im not able to recollect at the moment.

Till then cheers!