Everything I've read never mentions that I can set DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST to more than one directory. This makes sense because the datafiles of the simplified TS creation (OMF's intention) goes to where this parameter is set. If I can set this parameter to more than one location then the simplified CREATE TABLESPACE command would have more than one choice to put the files - therefore, defeating the purpose.

My questions:
1. If DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST has one-and-only-one location than the database is created on one-and-only-one disk. Perhaps in this day of lightening fast sub disk storage arrays (with caches) this is okay. Is this the thinking behind one and only one logical disk array?

2. After the dB is created with all datafiles in the same directory, I can change the location of the furure TS builds with ALTER SYSTEM set DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST =/disk2/etc. If this is the case, then all datafiles from the create database could be in one directory and all subsequent TS datafiles can go elsewhere (after the ALTER SYSTEM). True?

Both questions ask the same underlying question: With today's fast storage array, are we encouraged to put all datafiles on one logical volume ? (I'm not asking about redo because we *can* multiplex those files).

What are your thoughts?
Thanks in advance.