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    RMAN restore - which backup piece?

    Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
    With the Partitioning, OLAP and Oracle Data Mining options
    JServer Release - Production.
    Windows Server 2K SP4.

    I use RMAN to backup the database and I have scheduled one job (three steps) with OEM, but anyway the commands I use are:
    I need to delete the old backup from disk because I don't have enough free space:
    del E:\backup\orcl\*.*/Q

    SECOND STEP I also delete the control file's backup:
    del E:\Ctrl\orcl\*.*/Q

    AND FINALLY , LAST STEP I backup the DB:

    run {
    allocate channel Channel1 type disk format 'E:\backup\orcl\b_%u_%p_%c.BAK';
    ( database include current controlfile );

    backup ( archivelog all delete input );

    allocate channel for maintenance device type disk;
    delete obsolete device type disk;

    It's clear that when I use the command:
    "Crosscheck backup" I end up in this situation
    RMAN>Crosschek backup;
    using channel ORA_DISK_1
    crosschecked backup piece: found to be 'EXPIRED'
    backup piece handle=E:\BACKUP\ORCL\B_9NFA89VF_1_1.BAK recid=306 stamp=514074608
    crosschecked backup piece: found to be 'EXPIRED'
    backup piece handle=E:\BACKUP\ORCL\B_9OFA8ANH_1_1.BAK recid=307 stamp=514075378
    ...and so on..
    and finally:
    crosschecked backup piece: found to be 'AVAILABLE'
    backup piece handle=E:\BACKUP\ORCL\B_A4FAIS7E_1_1.BAK recid=319 stamp=514420975
    crosschecked backup piece: found to be 'AVAILABLE'
    backup piece handle=E:\CTRL\ORCL\C-1025478424-20040102-00 recid=320 stamp=514421001

    Note that all the backup pieces are also on tape, so I have on tape 2 weeks of backup, but on disk only the last one (yesterday).
    Now my questions are:

    1) If I need to restore a backup, but not the last one that I have on disk, how can I achieve this with RMAN after having restored the backup piece from tape to disk? (which command)
    2) If once in a while I use the command "delete expired backups", are there any chance for me to be able to restore a old backup piece from tape to disk and use RMAN to restore my DB?

    In other words I can I direct RMAN to use a particular backup piece?
    I don't use recovery catalog but the control file.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Either send your backup directly to tape or do not crosscheck them so they are still in a catalog and not expired. Once restore "as of date" needed it will choose right one and will complain that it is not on the disk and you will restore it from tape to disk. (Could be a pain in a neck if you have too many backup pieces)
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