HI All

i am facing problem during loading of oracle client (8.1.7) on win98 and connecting to oracle Server database(oracle9i)
the following error message is being displayed
ORA-12638,00000,'TNS:credential retrieval failed'

//*Cause : the authentication service failed to retrieve the credentials of auser
//* Action : Enable tracing to determine the exact error .

I am facing following problem during running the PRO*C program on Client. Some times it connects with data base. But after some times it is not logging with Oracle Data base. It is displaying folloing error when we want to connect through SQLPLUS at C:\ but we do not face any problem in Forms 6i and Report writer. I am facing such type of problem in PRO*C program after 60Minutes or 90 Minutes. After rebooting the WIN98 pc, I do not face such type of problem for 60 to 90 minutes.

I am also facing above-mentioned problem when I want to connect the user through PLSQL at Client. It is showing the same error.

When I am trying to load the program of PRO*C through client machine MENU. It is showing the not logged on problem as under mentioned :

ORA-01012 : not logged on.

Please help me with this problem if possible.

Warm Regards
Vivek Bajaj