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Thread: oracle 8i and oracle 8i enterprise edition

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    Can any one please tell me the difference between Oracle 8i and Oracle 8i Enterprise Edition. Which of them is usually used by companies running Oracle?

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    Article-ID: <Note:74247.1>
    Circulation: PUBLISHED (EXTERNAL)
    Folder: server.Rdbms.misc
    Topic: KROWN Knowledge Pack
    Title: Feature Differences - Oracle8 Workgroup Server and Oracle8
    Enterprise Edition
    Document-Type: BULLETIN
    Impact: MEDIUM
    Skill-Level: NOVICE
    Server-Version: 08.00.0X to 08.00.0X
    Updated-Date: 05-NOV-1999 19:07:03
    Authors: STHAKUR.US
    Attachments: NONE
    Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN
    Products: 5/NONTECH;
    Platforms: GENERIC;


    This document outlines the differences between Oracle8 (Workgroup) and
    Oracle8 Enterprise Edition.

    Oracle8 Oracle8
    Feature Workgroup Enterprise Edition
    ======= ========= ==================

    Systems Management

    Oracle Enterprise Manager Y Y
    Enterprise Manager Performance Pack N Y
    Oracle Fail Safe for Oracle8 on NT Y Y
    Client Failover N Y Notes A,B
    Server managed backup & recovery Y Y
    Recovery Manager Y Y
    Online backup & recovery Y Y
    Incremental backup N Y
    Parallel backup & recovery N Y
    Legato Storage Manager Y Y
    Point-In-Time tablespace recovery N Y

    Data Warehouse/VLDB Features

    Bit-mapped Indexes N Y
    Star query optimization Y Y Note C
    Parallel query N Y
    Parallel DML (ins/upd/del) N Y Note D
    Parallel index scans N Y Note D
    Parallel bitmap star query joins N Y
    Parallel load N Y
    Parallel index build N Y
    Parallel analyze N Y Note D

    Distributed Features

    Distributed queries Y Y
    Distributed transactions Y Y
    . 2-phase commit
    . XA support
    Heterogenous services Y Y
    Basic Replication Y Y
    . Read only snapshots
    . Subquery subsetting
    . Primary key based snapshots
    . Internal triggers
    . Replicated LOBs
    Advanced Replication N Y
    . Updatable snapshots
    . Multi-master replication
    . Conflict detection/resolution
    . Replication Manager
    . Parallel propagation
    . Minimized communication

    Networking Features

    Net8 Y Y
    Oracle Security Server Y Y
    Oracle Names Y Y
    Oracle Connection Manager N Y
    Connection pooling Y Y
    Connection multiplexing Y Y
    Multi-protocol connectivity N Y

    Programming Interfaces

    Pro*C Y Y Note E
    Oracle Call Interface Y Y
    Objects for OLE Y Y
    ODBC driver Y Y

    Other Features

    Advanced Queuing N Y
    Reverse key indexes Y Y
    Password management Y Y
    Index-organized tables Y Y
    PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers Y Y
    National Language Support Y Y
    LOB Support Y Y

    Data Cartridges (extra cost)

    ConText Cartridge Y Y
    Video Cartridge Y Y
    Image Cartridge N Y
    Visual Information Retrieval Cartridge N Y Note B
    Time Series Cartridge N Y Note B
    Spatial Data Cartridge N Y

    Options (extra cost)

    Objects Option N Y
    Partioning Option N Y
    Advanced Networking Option N Y
    Enterprise Manager Performance Pack N Y
    Parallel Server Option N Y


    A. This feature requires the Parallel Server option.
    B. This feature or product is available with Oracle8 Release 8.0.4 or later.
    C. In Oracle8 Server, the star query processing is the algorithm that utilizes
    B-tree indexes. In Oracle8 Enterprise Edition, the parallel bitmap index
    join algorithm can also be utilized.
    D. This feature requires the Partitioning Option.
    E. Pro*C is available at extra cost with both servers as part of Oracle

    Oracle8 Enterprise Edition Option Descriptions

    Parellel Server Option
    Oracle Parallel Server enhances performance and availability for business
    applications. It allows multiple nodes of a loosely-coupled system (such as
    a cluster or massively parallel platform) to share access to a single database,
    for increased scalability and availability.

    Objects Option
    The Objects Option represents a breakthrough in data modeling that allows data
    to be represented, accessed, manipulated, and stored as business objects. The
    Objects Option makes Oracle8 Enterprise Edition the most complete object-
    relational data server in the industry. No other data server can match the
    functional richness of object technology combined with the reliability,
    scalability, availability, and manageability of Oracle8.

    Partitioning Option
    The Oracle8 Partitioning Option makes managing large tables and indexes much
    easier and improves performance of query and maintenance operations.
    Partitioning allows DBAs to have much more control in managing tables and
    indexes, since all maintenance operations can be directed at individual
    partitions, rather than being restricted to operations strictly on the entire
    table or index. Partioning improves manageability, availability, and performance
    in VLDBs and data warehouses.

    Advanced Networking Option
    The Oracle8 Advanced Networking Option offers strong user authentication and
    data encryption, making it the product of choice for businesses that demand
    security for their sensitive applications. It provides client/server and
    server/server network security using encryption and data integrity checking as
    well as supports enhanced user authentication services.

    Oracle Enterprise Manager Performance Pack
    Built on top of the Oracle Enterprise Manager framework, Oracle Enterprise
    Manager Performance Pack is an add-on which provides DBAs with the most
    advanced set of tools to manage their Oracle database environments. It
    consists of six applications for advanced diagnostics, monitoring, and tuning
    of Oracle environments. It is built with the goal of helping DBAs be more
    productive in managing Oracle servers.

    Context Cartridge
    The ConText Cartridge offers seamless access to the traditionally separate world
    of structured data and unstructured information via standard SQL. It provides
    users with full text retrieval and advanced linguistic services to access
    large-scale, mission-critical information.

    Spatial Cartridge
    The Spatial Cartridge makes it possible for companies to deliver the geographic
    component of their business information at a lower cost to more users with the
    power of the Oracle8 universal data server. With spatial support and seamless
    access to all the supported datatypes, the Oracle8 Spatial Cartridge is the
    industry's solution for enabling spatial applications on business data across
    the enterprise.

    Video Cartridge
    The Video Cartridge enables scalable, cost-effective, and reliable delivery of
    full-motion, full-screen video and CD-quality audio over different network
    infrastructures. These include broadband networks, such as ATM, cable and
    satellite, and intra-net networks using Ethernet and fast-Ethernet.

    Image Cartridge
    The Image Cartridge adds native image data type support to the database. It
    provides efficient, foundational support for static, two-dimensional images
    in most popular formats and compression schemes. The cartridge also converts
    images from one format to another on demand, and allows the data to be stored
    in-line or in externally referenced flat file repositories. It can be accessed
    through both relational and object interfaces.

    Visual Information Retrieval Cartridge
    The Visual Information Retrieval (VIR) Cartridge adds support for content-based
    retrieval that performs queries based on the visual attributes of the image
    (color, structure, texture). The Visual Information Retrieval Cartridge is
    based on the VIR technology from Virage, Inc. The primary benefit of using
    content-based retrieval is to support queries where the query is semantically
    of the form "find me objects that look like this one".

    Time Series Cartridge
    The Time Series Cartridge allows temporal data to be stored efficiently in the
    Oracle8 database. It supports a rich set of functions - calendar, time-series,
    and time-scaling - to retrieve and process data. It can be accessed through
    both relational and object interfaces. The Time Series Cartridge includes a
    collection-based interface to enable product developers and third-party
    providers to add functions to the base cartridge.

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    thanks Halo. I appreciate that.

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