ORA-03113 (ORA-07445) Creating type
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Thread: ORA-03113 (ORA-07445) Creating type

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    I am consistently getting an ORA-03113 (ORA-07445 in the trace) when trying to create an object type on 8.1.5 for Solaris x86. It happens on ALL create type statements (I know they're right since they work on Linux).

    I have seen reference to this on various searches but they all point to metalink and our support contract hasn't gone through yet.

    Anyone have any clue or experience with this?


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    Unfortunately ORA 3113 is one of the most generic error messages.

    The first things to check are connection issues. Are you attaching to the server over the network ? If yes, try running the commands on the sql prompt on the server.

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    I received this exact same error...
    The cause though was Analysing using an estimate of < 50% on certain tables...

    The 0RA-3113 is just the disconnection which was caused by the ORA-07445..
    This should have produced a stack trace, send this to Oracle - this will give the casue of the problem... You could try applying any available patches/upgrades if you can as well.


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