Hello all,

I am running oracle 817 on RH Linux 7.2 and running iPlanet webserver for applications. I keep getting the following errors around once a week or even at a greater frequency

ORA-04031: unable to allocate 2560 bytes of shared memory ("large poo
l","unknown object","session heap","First curdef allocation")

I have tried increasing the large pool size in the init.ora file, increased the max cursors as well but still the error persists. I also get thsi errors on RH 6.2 . I have tried increasing the shmmax parameter as well but to no success :(

Is there a way to determine how much size should be put for large pool and other parameters ? or is this related to any system patches for linux ? because on solaris everything works fine.. I tried to search on google but most of the results show increase in pool size which I have already tried ...

Any help is highly appreciated.