hi all,

I am facing very strange behaviour in my database. As I know that there should not be any
distributed transaction. But I am getting DX locks. Now I want to know the reason why?

I have checked the sessions who are producing DX locks. These sessions are connected to
our database through WebLogic server.

I have also checked the following things :

select * from v$sysstat where statistic# in (239,240,241)

239 bytes sent via SQL*Net to dblink 1 0
240 bytes received via SQL*Net from dblink 1 0
241 SQL*Net roundtrips to/from dblink 1 0

select * from v$sesstat where statistic# in (239,240,241) and value > 0

no rows selected

The above result shows that there is no instance of DB Links.

I want to know the possible reasons for which I am facing such locks.
For information, I have got this lock against one insert statement.

The environment is Oracle 9i rel2 , Sun Solaris 9 and weblogic server 6.1 sp 4