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    I was trying to export some data from database by UTL_FILE Package.
    Everything is fine when data amout is not large.
    But when data amout is larger, it seems will be cutted and can't be put into one file.
    In fact, I found the size of file won't be exceed 2100 bytes.

    I can't find any information about this.
    Is there are any constraint when Oracle doing file I/O?
    would you so kind to help me?

    Thanks a lot!

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    UTL_FILE is a bit of a minefield, but you definately can get it to write files larger than 2100 bytes. There is a character limit, prior to Oracle 8.0, you cannot read or write a line of text with more than 1023 bytes. In Oracle 8.0 and above, you can specify a maximum line size of up to 32767 when you open a file. Maybe you need to split up what you are doing and also make sure you are doing FFLUSH

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